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TYPE : film-ritual
MEDIUMS : in situ installation, sound, video
DATE : 2021
PLACE : Forêt sectionale de Montquaix, Massif de la Chartreuse, France

This film congregates an installation is situ, a soundscape narrative, words, a 3D animation. PORTA OCCULTUS RITUALIS is a ritual-film. The installation is made of two pieces of translucid fabrics, dyed by hand with black tea, attached on trees, in the middle of a forest. The wind becomes the main actor of this installation, blowing in the fabric its rythm. This installation is a gate becoming a territory, a space itself. The ritual-film PORTA OCCULTUS RITUALIS is the exploration of the gate becomming an hybrid space, a territory. It’s the gate between the material world and the occult. The ritual-film firstly shows (image and sound) the ritual openning the gate, and then, secondly, we can hear and see the gate being openned : the territory of the invisible, represented also with the 3D animation. We can hear traces of this territory, a woman becomming women or perhaps are they wolves ?
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