TYPE : in situ performance
DATE : 2023
PLACE : Forest, Massif de la Chartreuse, France

During summer 2023 Camille Dedenise went looking for breath and silence during a meditation retreat of two weeks in a bouddhist temple in the mountains of the Frenc Alps. This experience is a transition in the artist’s practice : she notes a crossing from a state of representation to a state of presence, echoing her last solo exhibition in Vienna (The Last Bird on Earth), where she looks for a sensorial and contemplative experience of the presence. From this experience was born a first artpiece echoing these thoughts : MEDITATION. The artists walks in mindfulness in cercle, in a vibrant forest. She explores : what would an ecopoetical movement be ?

«During this meditation retreat I ask myself : how to go from a state of representation to a state of presence ? I think to myself that this state of presence would be interesting to explore artistically. Mindfulness could help on the way of contemplative ecology and on the consciousness of the ecological finitude, et thus on the way of detachement. Being within the sensorial present that would mean, being with the earthly community. And from this state of ‘being’, what shape would take an ecopoetical movement ? »

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