TYPE : ROYAL OF ART LONDON MA textiles Mixed Media, thesis project
MEDIUMS : Textiles, poetry, sound, film, photography, one-of-a-kind books
DATE : 2018

« When she turns there is glowing flying winds, her voice is a silent strength, pure ; the juice of her soul, in the grace of her heart, flowing around like the elegance of her existence »

LA FEMME acts as a manifesto for the female energy and the beautification of the sexual and powerful feminine strength.

The design process is informed by automatic poetry writing and mark making, exploring a sense of expression, keeping in the entire design process a certain rawness. My textile making involves two Momentums :
    - The first one is a slow Momentum, referring to the moment of the period, a moment of calm,of slow emotions and delicate and precious celebrations of the cycle of life. This first Momentum is translated into hand embroideries,
using the chain stitch in a knit effect, using beads, chains, hand dyed cottons. The hand embroideries are heavy and thus contrasting with the second Momentum.
    - The second Momentum is a fast and dynamic Momentum, referring to the time after the period, a moment of strength, energy, efficacy, of a powerful excitement of being alive. This second Momentum is translated into hand dyed and brushed natural fibres, such as linen, cotton voile and silk and a chiffon silk. The fabrics are cohesive and active together.

The patterns are inspired by Hindu interpretation of life and energies, and developed through an instinctive movement of marking :
- The Yoni, representation of the feminine organ, source of Beauty and Life. An icon underrepresented in the occidental history of iconography, compared to the visual presence of phallic images. These patterns are the vulva, with the clitoris in the form of a heart.
- The Shakti, the female energy, source of Strength, Power and Grace of the Soul. This energy is represented in fast and blurry hand painted hearts.
- The glowing and shiny traces in bronze and gold are a representation of the Light of the female existence and the preciousness of this energy and of the Yoni and Shakti.

Then, my textiles are constructed into shapes that are adaptable, overcoming the constraints and norms of a form of traditional feminine outfits.

LA FEMME is wrapping the flowing existence and giving a sense of Divinity to the aura of the body in movement, in life.
ONE-OF-A-KIND BOOK ‘LA FEMME’, including the photographs of the project and the poems, format A3 :  




ONE-OF-A-KIND BOOK ‘ELLES, IMAGERIES’, accompanying the project, including inspirations for the project, format A4 :

Archive : Camille Dedenise at the RCA’s studio in London, with her collection LA FEMME

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