TYPE : sculpture-ritual
MEDIUMS : ceramic, sound, video
DATE : 2022

INCANTATION XV is a ceramic sculpture with black enamel, together with candles. The sculpture is shaped as a circle and includes 15 flames. The sculpture is traditionally a rigid object, a sort of immovable archetype of a piece that stays, fixed within itself. I engaged here with the question of time passing, with an ongoing movable object. The sculpture becomes a trace of time passing, its materiality becomes transitory and ephemeral. The sculpture becomes a transient substance, the momentum of impermanence, merging with the immovability of the medium that is ceramic.

INCANTATION XV is an action.
INCANTATION XV becomes a ritual-sculpture.

This ritual-sculpture is accompanied with words and sounds, a musical incantation. Words are a poetic tool with the power of enchanting, connecting invisible forces with the capacity to influence and change things. Words become magick.

From the space between real and virtual landscapes, in a ceremonial context, INCANTATION XV is a denunciation of the climate crisis and, while contacting the invisible, calls for change, through the symbolic significations of the art-piece-as-ritual.

The work embodies time passing that cannot be stopped in the urgency of Earth being killed by humans, and while denunciating this reality, INCANTATION XV calls and conjures DISOBEDIENT ECOLOGICAL KINDNESS.
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