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TYPE : study of the oscillations of the wind,
MEDIUMS : painted textiles and other objects for the wind, in situ installation
DATE : 2024
LIEU : Alps FR

"The wind makes my birds fly. It becomes co-creator, co-artist."

This body of work is an eco-performance shared with the wind in situ in mountainous territory in the French Alps. The project is a work in progress, an unfinished study.

"The wind exists as such, but it is made visible by its effects on something: a cloud passes by, the branches of a tree sway, a boat's sail inflates... These actions become traces, imprints of the wind. It's a dialogue based on movement. The trace, the imprint of the wind is a given moment in a specific environment, linked to a specific geography, a territory. I'm fascinated by this notion of ephemerality in relation to the environment, and it's a fairly pure form of site-specific work. It's an ecopoetic presence. "

"My birds come to life in the movement of the wind; they exist only in this ephemeral, in situ connection. The wind is oscillation; the wind makes my birds fly. It becomes a co-creator, a co-artist. The work then becomes a shared eco-performance, in direct dialogue with the environment, because it is the environment. "

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