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14th of April 2024

In Harlingen, waiting fot the ship to leave.

I’m writing this post on the sailing boat in the harbour of Tromsø, where we arrived during the night. It’s cloudy, cold and beautiful. If feels really like North more and more. We started our journey from the harbour of Harlingen in the Netherlands, where I went with a few trains and buses from the French Alps. We first crossed the North Sea, with a lot of sea movements ! I was sea sick but eventually got better. Then, we went north mostly in the fjords due to the weather. It was beautiful. My watch times on the sailing boat are from 4to8, night and day. It is hard to get to this particular schedule while adjusting to the discovery of sea life. But it's worth every difficulty, it is a beautiful adventure shared with amazing people and lot of laughs. I love every bit of it. The more north we go, lighter the nights are, colder it gets, the mountains are whiter with snow, and they are also higher.

A few images from the journey to Tromsø.

When in Svalbard, after the end of this journey, I will do a post about this crossing with more details and images.

As I already shared the news on my instagram page, for various reasons, I will no longer be joining the program of the Arctic Circle Residency anymore. I now work as a full independent artist for my project and I do not have anything to do anymore with this residency program. The integrity and the core soul of my work stay true to themselves. I will continue the exploration, with my art project and practice, of the elements of ice, water and winds with an ecopoetical approach in the context of the climate crisis. When arriving in Longyearbyen, I will stay a few weeks there or around in Svalbard. Then, I will be joining another sailing ship around Svalbard for a week, with scientists and other amazing people, with an association called Ocean Missions, a team of great people helping our marine environment by conducting an exciting long term conservation project. I don’t know yet when and how I will come back to France. Within this adventure organisation, I’m free and will navigate around the adventure, the art and the people I meet. I will navigate where art, people, and the North guides me. This feels really authentic and good. I’m very exited to work so freely, guided by art, connection with people and nature protection.

As from today, from Tromsø, we are now waiting for the good weather conditions to cross to Svalbard. We may leave this Tuesday early in the morning.

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