Camille Dedenise is a French & Austrian artist.

Camille Dedenise graduated with an MRes Arts&Langages from the EHESS in Paris (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences), under the direction of André Gunthert, and with an MA Textiles Mixed Media (School of Materials) from the Royal College of Art in London, after a degree in Anthropology and a degree in Political Sciences.
She now lives and works on the lands, mountains and forests where she was born. Her atelier, a studio for research, artworks production and writing, a base camp for her creative work, is today in Grenoble.



The anthropological postulate that set appart nature from culture tends to oppose, on one side « the human » and on the other side « nature ». This construction, specific to our cultural context, keeps a distance between the human and the world in which it lives, the world it should be living with. Today the climate crisis we are experiencing, revealing an unprecedented ecological urgency, shows and confirms an unbalanced and violent relation of domination between the human and nature. Beliefs and humans actions of possessions and objectivisation of the natural world(s) have profound harmful impacts.

From these spaces of thoughts, continuously in flux, arises the work of Camille Dedenise. Invoking invisible forces to express the agony of Earth, Camille Dedenise explores the idea of « eco » beyond the concept of « ego ». Creating a mystical universe of transgressions, of metamorphosis, of transcendance, of regenerations, of rebellious denunciations, Camille Dedenise founds her work on the power of production of new lands of imagination, of new forms of representation, more inclusive. She imagines and creates new mythologies, new images and narratives, rituals :

The work of Camille Dedenise is the creation of an ecopoetical folklore.



2022 - Collective exhibition : “MANGER LES FLEURS”, Gallery SONO, Paris, FR.
2020 - Collective exhibition : “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY”, Gallery THE GLASS TANK, Oxford, UK.
2018 - Graduation Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
2017 -  Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
2016 - Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK.
2015 - Collective exhibition : “DISONANCIAS, ARTE Y MUTACION SOCIAL, Gallery ESPACIO O, Santiago, CHILI.
2014 - Personal exhibition : “PHYSIOLOGICAL RADIOGRAPHY”, le Bauhaus, Grenoble, FR.
2012 - Personal exhibition : “L’AUTRE MOI, L’AUTRE ET MOI”, le Diférent, Grenoble, FR.
2011 - Collective exhibition : “YOUNG ART ROUTE”, le Jardin et exposition personnelle pour et dans le magasin Kartell, Grenoble, FR.



2022 - {in French} - text publishes in the litterature journal ALLUME FEU (revue incertaine, littératures émergentes), number VI “L’Aventure”, Paris, FR.
2021 - {in English} - contribution to the ISSUE 16 -Comfort- of Paperspace Magazine, UK. 
- {in English} - contribution to the VOLUME 1 of the Woman Journal. A non hierarchical publication exploring how the space may be gendered, how the body we are born with may impact the way space welcomes that body or does not. A publication by Woman Cave, a nomad structure for discussing gendered space, Paris, FR.
- {in English} - co-writer, as part of ANIIHMA, of Towards nonviolent design, a manifesto for postdisciplinary design, written and published by ANIIHMA, London, UK.
2020 - {in English} - contribution to the exhibition’s publication “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY”, Gallery THE GLASS TANK, Oxford, UK.



2020 - Reading of the piece of poetry Oriannaha at the event ‘She Hears’ during the exhibition “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY”, Gallery THE GLASS TANK, Oxford, UK.

2019 -  Reading of the piece of poetry Oriannaha at the event ‘She Hears’  de “SHE PERFORMS x Pride”, THE BUCKS COUNTY MUSEUM, UK.

2019 - Performance “GODDESSES ARE RISING”at the opening ceremony of the EXTINCTION REBELLION’s Autumn rebellion, London, UK.



2019 - PARIS EHESS at the INHA (National Institute for Art History)- Talk at the seminar of André Gunthert {Dedenise's director of research} “Agir par l’image. Pragmatique des formes visuelles” session of the 18th of April 2019: “Sexe, images et colonialisme” - presentation of the then ongoing research thesis of Camille Dedenise: “Étude de la controverse autour de la sortie de l’ouvrage ‘Sexe, race et colonies. La domination des corps du XVéme siècle à nos jours.’ Une analyse de la controverse comme entité révélatrice : la symptôme d’une césure épistémologique?”, Paris, FR. 
2018 - Presentation (and runner-up for best presentation), in collaboration with F. Sol, of the piece “Found Between Alone and Together” at the 3rd International Conference on Postdisciplinary Approaches, Auckland, NZ.



2019 - Textile design -Winner of the competition Royal Ruyi Scarf Competition with the Royal College of Art London, UK. 
- Architecture - Finalist of the competition “Buying” of “Non Architecture Competitions”, in collaboration with F.Sol, London, UK. 

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