2022  / Texte littéraire publié dans la revue Allume Feu, numéro VI “L’AVENTURE”. Paris, FR.
2021 Jul.  
/ Contribution to the ISSUE 16 -Comfort- of Paperspace Magazine. Title of the piece : The Theatre of Turbulences. UK
2021 Mar.  / Contribution to the VOLUME 1 of the Woman Journal. A non hierarchical publication exploring how the space may be gendered, how the body we are born with may impact the way space welcomes that body or does not. A publication by Woman Cave, a nomad structure for discussing gendered space.
2021 Jan. / Co-writer, as part of ANIIHMA, of Towards nonviolent design, a manifesto for postdisciplinary design (part 1), written and published by ANIIHMA, London, UK.
2020 Feb.
/ Presentation of the piece of poetry Oriannaha and an accompanying piece of visual art in the catalogue of the exhibition “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY” at The Glass Tank in Oxford, UK.


2020 Mar. / C.L. Dedenise has been invited to perform her poetry piece Oriannaha at the 'She Hears' event "SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY" at Art Gallery The Glass Tank, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
2019 Nov. / C.L. Dedenise has been invited to write a piece of poetry - Oriannaha - and perform it at the 'She Hears' event “SHE PERFORMS x Pride”, at The Bucks County Museum, UK.
2019 Oct. / Performance - Goddesses are rising - at the opening ceremony of the Extinction Rebellion Autumn rebellion in London. 8 women walking with one of a kind garments designed for the event by C.L. Dedenise, invoking the power of earth, and holding words of truth.


2019 Apr. /  PARIS EHESS at the INHA (National Institute for Art History)- Talk at the seminar of André Gunthert {Dedenise's director of research} “Agir par l’image. Pragmatique des formes visuelles” session of the 18th of April 2019: “Sexe, images et colonialisme” - presentation of the then ongoing research thesis of C.L. Dedenise: “Étude de la controverse autour de la sortie de l’ouvrage ‘Sexe, race et colonies. La domination des corps du XVéme siècle à nos jours.’ Une analyse de la controverse comme entité révélatrice : la symptôme d’une césure épistémologique?”
2018 / Presentation (and runner-up for best presentation), with F. Sol, of the piece “Found Between Alone and Together” at the 3rd International Conference on Postdisciplinary Approaches, Auckland, NZ.


2020 / Collective exhibition : “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY”, Art Gallery The Glass Tank, Oxford, UK.
/ Royal College of Art London Graduation show, Textiles, London, UK.
2017 / Royal College of Art London Textiles Work in Progress Show, London, UK.
2016 / Royal College of Art London Textiles Work in Progress Show, London, UK.
2015 / Collective exhibition : “Disonancias, Arte y Mutacion Social”, Gallery Espacio O, Santiago, Chile.
2014 / Personal exhibition : “Physiological Radiography”, Bauhaus, Grenoble, FR.
2012 / Personal exhibition : “L’Autre Moi, l’Autre et Moi”, Le Diférent, Grenoble, FR.
2011 / Collective exhibition “Young Art Route”, Le Jardin and personal exhibition for the design shop Kartell, Grenoble, FR.


2019 / Winner of the competition Royal Ruyi Scarf Competition with the Royal College of Art London- Textile design, UK.
2019 / Finalist of the competition “Buying” by “Non Architecture Competitions”, in collaboration with F. Sol.
2018 / Shortlisted for the 2018 Zealous Emerge Architecture price, in collaboration with F. Sol.


2020 Nov. / C.L. Dedenise has been invited by She Performs to share three artists to watch she like. Direct link to the page HERE.
2004 / C.L. Dedenise, 12 years old : conception, creation and management of the humanitarian campaign “Help to the Victims of the Tsunami”, School Europôle, Grenoble, FR - in collaboration and supported by UNICEF FRANCE.