TYPE : Poésie
DATE : Entre 2018 et 2020
LIEU : Londres

« in the mountain I have the feeling that something is moving
bigger than a flower smaller than a tree


Down there in the valley
near the river
there is a mountain
and on top of it
a wind is blowing
flames of memories

I’m a bird
misty feathers and
piercing chants
I’m flying around
this mountain

on top of it
a wind is blowing
snow whiter than the stars
and in the snow and in
the winds and in
the mountain
I have the feeling
that something is moving
bigger than a flower
smaller than a tree

I have seen many winds
but from this one I can sense
growing magic
a raw vulnerability
bathing within a burning strength
an enigmatic invisible power
it was a bit as if
the mountain was awake

and from this flux
emerges from the blizzard
a creature

first I see its hands
long and thin and sanguine
then I see its body
a women naked
but shining gold
I fly
and I see her face
luminous like a sun
vivid like a moon
each line of her skin
growing hair
is she an animal ? a human ?
she is magnificient

And while the mountain breathe
the creature moves and
she has the power of a horse
the calm of the phoenix
she seems to be all of them
and while I’m flying
I think she is a little bit

She has eyes darker than the night
and on top of this mountain
a wind is blowing
flames of beauty

I’m afraid of her
and also passionate
she seems to be a mystery
and I’m sad
she is here but I feel myself
missing her

She is so wise
she adores her solitude
but other humans never
understood that
only animals and spirits grasp
and she knows she is more them
than human
and now
after thousand of lives
let dye what must dye

that made her cry
because she had lost
so many lovers in the human world
because of

shining storms
a wind is blowing
the snow is white and bright
I’m flying
witnessing something
I feel I know this is special

this is the birth of an old moon
the opening of a flower
a river bleeding of delicacy
the elegance of the wildest bird

I will fly by her side
as long as time remains
because from the blowing winds
a creature is born
a fierce woman
a ancient animal
a wild witch

she is no more
an escape to herself

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