TYPE : Solo exhibition
MEDIUMS : Poetry, sound, film, painting, ceramic, drawing on wood, installation
DATE : 2023
PLACE : Galerie HALLE13, Wien, Austria


This exhibition is centred around the element of fire as symbol of lands and forests on fire as a result of the global warming, and thus the the loss of many ecosystems. It acts as a denunciation and an alarm of the current situation. The colour red is the central colour of the project. The project invokes invisible forces and incantations. Fire becomes then the natural element of transformation, it becomes the symbol of the metamorphosis and allows regeneration to be born.

The show is provoking. Immersive. A ritual space. A ritual-exhibition in which the spectator is embraced.

The exhibition includes some oil paintings, a rose made of ceramic. The film is projected on a wall of the gallery, repeated as a cycle without break, and can also be seen on a screen on the floor. The wooden logs are installed in a circle around the screen, on which the spectators can sit. On these logs, in the darkness of the space, we can sometimes notice small black drawings on the wood. The sound is diffused as a repeated cycle, without break, it is loud, it embraces and surrounds everything, connecting this artistic ecosystem. The natural light from outside is limited to the entrance door, the art pieces are slightly illuminated with a red light.

Incantations and poetry are whispered and said in the sound. Moreover the Poetry ‘The Last Bird on Earth’, is sang a capella in the sound. This poetry is also present under the form of collages and posters in the streets of Wien, a performance that allows to make the link between the closed space of the gallery and the urban public space.

«‘The Last Bird on Earth’ represents with poetry and rebellion the tragedy of the climate crisis, and the last drop of life floating above burned lands. It is a strong red alarm, vibrant. Fire becomes, in this ritual-exhibition, a transformative strength that invokes regeneration.»




^ THE LAST BIRD ON EARTH, poetry and sound, 2023

^ Untitled, film, 2023

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