TYPE : Anti-fashion capsule collection
MEDIUMS : Upcycled garments, poetry, photography
DATE : 2021
LOCATION : London & french Alps

The notion of rephrasing is here the core idea or deconstructing and renaming new narratives and thus new possibilities. By rephrasing, we encourage different imagery and stories. Rephrasing is co-creating the world, by embracing and denouncing what is already here, and constructing, forging, establishing, new stories, and thus new realms of reality.

Rephrasing the shelter is a capsule fabric project, aiming to be worn by a human, that explores the fabric garment as shelter. The shelter is a safe space and also doesn’t exist without a door, an opening on outside, a relationship with the world, a gate. This idea of the gate is here worn by

the wise mother

wearing a fabric made flux

wearing herself

as shelter

A fabric made garment that changes and is adaptable and can be worn in multiple ways. Without front and back the door is the one the wearer chooses. As a skin breathing the garment a door, a gate, between inside and outside. A tent made of fabric, a shelter, nomadic by its changeable capabilities. Nomadic because our body, in a non dualistic cartesian way, -body as consciousness- is always in motion.

Sedentary to no one and nothing. Ephemeral.

«sedentary to no one and nothing»


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