TYPE : Poetry
DATE : 2019
  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : The piece ORIANNAHA was presented by Camille Dedenise at the event ‘She Hears’ from “SHE PERFORMS x Pride”, THE BUCKS COUNTY MUSEUM, UK. In 2020 the piece ORIANNAHA was presented by Camille Dedenise at the event ‘She Hears’ as part of the exhibition “SHE PERFORMS : THE BODY”, Gallery THE GLASS TANK, Oxford, UK.

« Some other says that if you look closely you can witness golden hair growing from your body, as memories raining from within. Can you see them ? »


This is the story of ORIANNAHA

            Chapter 1 - The daughter with golden hair

Oriannaha, daughter of the sky
she flourishes from earth
the seed of life is in her womb
She is the freedom of the Moon

wild soul as compass
a hand in the cosmos
the heart in the stars

the feet in the roots
she's does not look
she witnesses with closed eyes

golden hair racing around her eyes
and tickling her lips
down there
in her sacred beauty

the bird are eating oranges from the branches
the winds are awakening the flowers
the rains are nourishing the rivers

cycles of nature and cosmos
are the ones
that pulses her body

A new Moon for fresh beginnings
endless possibilities are planted
A full moon for new born energies
immense gratitude celebrating the blossom


Oriannaha has golden hair
containing the sun itself
and glowing like a thousand moons
and breathing like a deer
being the spirit of the wild forest
and the essence of the ocean

And sometimes I have heard people say that she cries diamonds and doesn’t walk but run like ablissed drop of lava from an underworld, she lives without shelter because her home is herself.

Some other says that if you look closely you can witness golden hair growing from your body, as memories raining from within.

Can you see them ?

            Chapter 2 - Exile : bones don’t dye

They told her
to shave her lips
to laugh less hard

to have less partners
to be pretty
to please him
to close her legs in the bus
and to open them for him

to be funny
and smart
but not too much

they told her to be ashamed of the exquisite blood
that flows along the maps of her legs

disrupting nature and
violating in silence her raw sensuality
contaminating love
with sick power and dominance

and she whispers:
“you took me in your violence
in the luxury of your money
in the hate of the wombs
in your imperialism
your wars and cannons
trading guns for fur
spreading nausea
growing disgust
over generations
against every breathable spirit
from the Moon i have seen Mother Earth
burning of pain

and woman
being raped and abused
being insulted

you took me”

her golden hair have turned ashes
but bones don’t dye
they flourish
and expand like phoenix

            Chapter 3 - Goddesses are rising

The earth cries
but She will never let the Universe down
she is in resistance through all seasons

the power of her breathing heart
glowing desire in dark times
when they burn her, She will rise again stronger

my dear she is like an open sunflower
coming again from the moons
her feet do not touch the floor
her voice in the sky
dancing with the frost
beauty in her energy
coming from inside
dressed with her hymn
of pure love

words taking her and embracing her skin breathing
her shoulder, this little movement to the back of the room
little shift
a shoulder saying
fuck you with your self declared sovereignty
over my own body

and Oriannaha says
“i will transform your venom
your dominant lectures
your sexiest laugh
and your authoritative rules
that dictate my wishes
my power
an’ my blood
I don’t need your heterosexual norms
that dictates my dreams
and tell me to find value in the fact that a guy wants to marry me

let me love whoever I want
and first
I will be the biggest rebel and resistant on the Universe
by loving myself out loud
and I will honour all the witches you killed with lies
because they deserve dignity
like all of us

I will go naked down the river
I will bleed naturally and my blood will join the water and roots of the trees
and this is beautiful
and from that blood
we will be thousands to grow with golden hair”

And then she says out laud

“you do not have any of us”

her voice in the sky
dancing with the frost
remember what she told us :
“you silence will not protect you”

we are all goddesses
we riseand we will always rise
because the Universe has our back
and we have, even if we don’t know it, golden hair surrounding our clitoris

            Chapter 4 - Dignifying pride within : the blooming of the lungs

And in this story
The pride responded to Oriannah
athe daughter with golden hair

The pride said :“I’m not a bad thing
to be ashamed of
I’m not a ghost
to be afraid of
I’m not selfishness
and cheap Ego

Dear Oriannaha
I’m Pride
I’m your dignity
I’m your companion on this journey
and also you strength
your sanctuary
my water is pure
and bright

Dear Oriannaha
I’m Pride
I’m growing from within
remember that I rhyme
with respect
for yourself and the Other
and I also rhyme
with Alterity

I’m this place within your heart
that helps your breathe
and that make you stand
when all the words seems to be against you

I’m Pride
And I’m so fucking proud of you
Because how can we disrespect love

Because I’m growing
if you believe in me.
I’m the blooming of the lungs

And who can breathe
with lungs that don’t grow flowers ?

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